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Relaxed, casual and sophisticated group wine region tours of The Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and surrounds

'Nothing more excellent
or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man'


Sure, some winery tours will drive
you around a few vineyards, but Grape Explorations Australia believe you deserve so much more.

As soon as you step into one of  our luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles that will provide your transport, you'll know that you are going to be treated to an exceptional day. 

This is not just a wine tour: it’s a relaxed and sophisticated journey into the gloriousness of our region’s wineries: the countryside, the characters and, of course, the wine!

What makes Grape Explorations Australia tours exceptional? Your hosts. They have a unique combination of interests and experience which combine to create a powerball of winery prowess.

The Tour Guides' families have lived
in the area for over fifty years. They have been part of the growth that has made it into the sensational wine region it is today and they know a secret or two! Local knowledge combined with experience in the retail and entertainment industries they know how to host a day to remember.

Take a Grape Explorations Australia tour and experience the allure of the region in a way you will never forget. You deserve it.

Grape Explorations Australia specialise in private group tours. Our luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles cater from 2-11 guests and we tailor each tour to the group dynamic. It may be a Corporate team outing or a group of friends who simply want to sample wine and not drive!

We will ensure that everyone has an educational and fun day out

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